My daughters have Dyslexia and have struggled in school for eight years. We could not find anyone who could teach them to read.  We tried everything available and were not successful.  Then, a friend told us about Cynthia Lanier’s Evaluation & Learning Center which her daughter attended, and how it was like a “miracle from God.”  We began our tutoring and my daughters have increased three grade levels in reading.  We are so happy to have found Cynthia, because my daughters would not have been able to succeed in life.

- Leslie Richard

Our eleven year-old daughter was having difficulties in the regular classroom.  She was evaluated by Cynthia Lanier and receives tutoring to correct weaknesses in reading and math.  The results have been very satisfying, and Lindsey has developed confidence and looks forward to going to school.  She was struggling the first weeks of fourth grade and is now making better grades.  I would recommend Cynthia Lanier to anyone who has tried other help, and has a child having difficulty in school.  She has made a world of difference in Lindsey’s education and life.

- Linda and Joey Dugas 

At the young age of 7, our son Scott was experiencing many difficulties in school with his inability to learn to read, write, and many other areas.  Thinking that it may have been a bit premature to seek help, we decided the sooner the better before he got too far behind and his self-esteem was affected. 
We sought out help and this is when we found Cynthia Lanier Evaluation and Learning Center.  Scott was tested and began working with Cynthia Lanier, and this has been an answer to our family's prayers with Scott's educational plan. 
Scott has followed the educational road that is a little less traveled, however Mrs. Lanier has guided us down the right path.  She is trained in many different areas, which has helped Scott become the student he is today, bringing home good grades and feeling good about himself.  Scott has great self-esteem and the eagerness to learn from the support and guidance that was given to us by Cynthia Lanier. 
She has been a "God Send" to Scott and our family. 

- The Guichard's


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